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    I wanted to celebrate this and other algorithms by building large scale tile calligraphy pieces out of them – applying the traditions of the Arabs to the traditional texts of computer science. Regarding the code as poetry and conforming strictly to the Square Kufic style, I designed by hand the tile arrangement for the قلب implementations Fibonacci, Hello World, and Conway’s Game of Life.

    The preceding image is the digital mockup of the Fibonacci algorithm piece. It starts at the lower right hand corner and reads left, then up, then right, then down, the text looping back on itself the way the algorithm does. The red tiles highlight the variable ن, using Square Kufic colors in a form of syntax highlighting. The traditional implementation is actually simplified and wastes a lot of space in memory to remain simple, so this piece mimics that by wasting a lot of space in the center as well.

    read more about artist ramsey nasser’s experiment with creating arabic programming code here and watch a short video presentation here.

    (vía nolandwithoutstones)

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